Bowling Club Sponsorship

 Looking for a place to promote your business?

Why not sponsor the Rules Club Bowling Club?

The Rules Club Bowling Club conducts five major tournaments and a number of minor tournaments each year. Major tournaments include:
• The Invitation Triples
• Challenge Pairs
• Ladies Invitation Classic Triples
• Invitation Mixed Pairs

There are varying levels of sponsorship as detailed below, and each sponsor will receive exposure and promotion of their business through on-site banners, flags, signage, Rules Club Wagga television screens throughout the Club, giveaways or samples of product and more!

Get in touch with us now to discuss your specific needs. Call Gary Brookes, Bowls Coordinator on 0412 030 627.


Through the media
By ways of display
Sponsors name board
Sponsors night
On the Bowling Club's TV advertising screen
At presentation time or during the event
Club newsletter that is displayed quarterly
Signage around the greens


Handouts or special deals
Giveaways, samples of product, caps etc.
Posting of sponsors posters and advertise on club notice board
Extra promotion may be arranged in the week leading up to tournaments and during events
Display of products at presentation and during the event


As a sponsor of an event you will be entitled to free advertising on Bowling Club's advertising screen
Exposure of your products to all our club members, (over 14,500)
Exposure to members of other clubs who participate in our tournaments
Exposure in the media when the event is being conducted
Personal introduction to customers during and after the event